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Gutfeld wears CNN logo on his head during show, cracks up co-hosts of ‘The Five’

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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld ratcheted up the CNN meme war by turning himself into a “human meme.”

Gutfeld wore a CNN logo on his head during the intro of The Five on Friday.

The stunt cracked up his co-hosts Jesse Watters, Meghan McCain, Juan Williams, and guest host Lisa Boothe.

Gutfeld explained that he was a “human meme” in response to questions about his comical head gear.

At the end of the show, Watters asked him if he planned to wear the CNN hat after work. Gutfeld deadpanned: “I’ll be walking the streets of New York. Feel free to punch me.”

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Earlier that day, Gutfeld tweeted a photo of himself with the hat using the hashtag “CNN meme war.”

The tag paid homage to the meme war CNN ignited when it blackmailed and threatened to dox a private citizen for creating a comical WWE gif that showed President Trump body-slamming a CNN logo.

Humorless CNN threw a hissy fit after Trump tweeted the meme to his followers. Last week, CNN writer Andrew Kaczynski was dragged on Twitter after bragging about suppressing the Reddit user’s Constitutionally-guaranteed free-speech rights by threatening to dox him.

CNN’s bullying of a private citizen was widely condemned on all sides. Here’s the comical meme that started it all:


Since then, CNN has been mercilessly mocked by a tsunami of memes taunting the cable news network for essentially declaring war on the Internet. That is a war you cannot win, as social media users declared to CNN: “You can’t blackmail all of us.”

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The CNN meme war continuee, and the memes are hilarious and witty. Let that be a lesson to the biased, fake news media: When you try to silence one Trump supporter, thousands more will crop up in his place



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