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Watch Tim Kaine gingerly walk back his ‘too soon’ treason remarks on Don Jr.

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Senator Tim Kaine attempted to clarify his comments that Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer was treason, insisting that his complete statement was cut off.

The Virginia Democrat and Hillary Clinton’s former running mate remarked on Tuesday that the controversy around Trump Jr.’s actions, revealed in emails he released, were treason.

But Kaine seemed to carefully walk back that remark in an interview with Cheddar anchor J. D. Durkin on Thursday.

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“When they ran a clip, they cut off the first part of my sentence which I said ‘nothing has been proven yet,’ they cut that off,” Kaine said, explaining that he was asked directly by a CNN reporter if the Trump Jr. meeting amounted to treason.

“I then went on to say something that is pretty obvious to Americans, which is, this investigation, which started as sort of an obstruction of justice investigation after [former FBI Director James] Comey was fired, has now gotten significantly broader,” he continued.

“If the issue that is being investigated following this last revelation is did somebody coordinate with a foreign adversary [Russia] to attack the basics of American democracy, it doesn’t get more serious than that,” Kaine said.

The former Democratic vice presidential nominee also weighed in on the question of whether President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner ought to have his security clearance revoked because of his attendance at the same meeting.

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“Let these investigations go forward,” Kaine said. “If there is information that gets proven that Jared Kushner suggests he should not have security clearance then it should be taken away.”

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