Valerie Jarrett no match for US Marine in wicked spat over ‘service to country’ disrespect … she got spanked

Valerie Jarrett got into an ill-advised exchange from a self-identified U.S. Marine on Twitter after being called out for not showing appreciation for service members while in the White House.

The kerfuffle was set in motion when the former senior adviser to President Barack Obama thanked a social media user for her “service to our country” after the woman said she worked for the far-left American Civil Liberties Union and the open border organization National Immigrant Justice Center.

Using the Twitter name “Flag Waver,” the former Marine blasted Jarrett: “You never thanked a single service member for their service in eight years. Looking forward to your perp walk.”

SG Jarrett

Jarrett responded with a soon-to-be challenged assertion that she did thank service members, upping the ante with the leatherneck by dropping an ALL CAPS conclusion.

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The problem with her claim is that this is the year 2017 and fact checking has become a relatively easy process. Stephen Miller, aka @redsteeze, responded with a link to the times Jarrett has said “thank you for your service” on Twitter.

As anticipated, the search failed to reflect a single instance of her thanking a service member.

Here’s a sampling of responses to the dust up.

After telling Jarrett that he appreciated her “gracious response” — which suggests he is indeed a U.S. Marine — “Flag Waver asked her if she thanked the four Americans who lost their lives in Benghazi, Libya:

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