Washington Post assembles kids to mock POTUS by song; what is wrong with these folks?

washington post children chorus sing to mock trump tweets
The fake news shills at the Washington Post shamelessly used children to promote their anti-Trump propaganda. (Image: BPR screengrab)

The Washington Post shamelessly exploited children to mock the president of the United States.

The once-venerated newspaper assembled a chorus of little kids to sing President Trump’s tweets in an attempt to ridicule the leader of the free world.

The innocent children apparently had no idea they were being used to push leftist propaganda. That’s sad, and spotlights the unprecedented lows that leftist media have sunk to undermine a sitting president.

The Hill reporter Jonathan Easley slammed the Washington Post’s stunt as stupid and mean. “WaPo getting kids to mockingly sing Trump’s tweets seems needlessly antagonistic and a dumb move right now,” he tweeted.

In the YouTube video, the children mocked Trump’s tweets in sing-song fashion. While the video was meant to be funny, it was totally humorless, and only got an anemic 21,500 views since being posted last week. There are cat videos posted by random private citizens that get more views.

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The video ends with the children singing the new Washington Post slogan: “Democracy dies in darkness.”

While the Washington Post champions itself as a social justice warrior fighting on behalf of minorities and the underclass, its video featured NO black children, NO Asian children, and ZERO Muslims.

“That’s racist and Islamophobic!!” as the left would bleat. So far, no liberals have called WaPo out for its glaring lack of forced diversity.

WaPo’s fake-news comrade CNN upped the ante on the Fourth of July by blackmailing a private citizen for posting the jokey WWE meme that showed President Trump body-slamming a CNN logo.

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Meanwhile, Twitter blasted the Washington Post’s exploitation of children to promote leftist hatred.

Samantha Chang


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