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Katrina Pierson drops unpleasant truth on libs: Trump’s actions are ‘presidential whether you like it or not’

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Katrina Pierson came to the defense of her former boss declaring that whatever President Trump does is “presidential whether you like it or not.”

Trump’s former campaign spokeswoman discussed the president’s WrestleMania tweet in which he is seen in a photo-shopped, tongue-in-cheek video punching someone with a CNN logo superimposed on his face.

“I really don’t think you can equate an edited version of a WWE video from 2007, that was photo-shopped, compared to something Barack Obama said, ‘When they bring a knife to a fight, you bring a gun,'” Pierson told Fox News’ Sandra Smith on Monday, adding that she thought the video was “simply hilarious.”

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Pierson dismissed the blowback from critics on the tweet and disagreed with views that the president’s  tweets ultimately hurt his own agenda. She reminded viewers that Trump tweeted throughout the election campaign and “what you see is what you get” with him now as president as well.

“Donald Trump is Donald Trump and he’s not going to change,” Pierson said. “By the very nature of being President of the United States, it makes his actions presidential whether you like it or not.”

She added that “people are going to have to get comfortable being uncomfortable” and fired back when fellow panelist Michael Starr Hopkins disagreed. The Democratic strategist earlier suggested that Trump’s tweets add to the already incendiary rhetoric being spouted by all sides.

“For the month of June, there were about 160 tweet. Less than 20 were about media bias,” Pierson rebutted.

“But yet the media wants to focus on the tweets about them. That’s what’s really fueling this,” she concluded.

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