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Fun-sucking doctor suggests bubbles & pom-poms instead of sparklers for July 4th

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While a gubernatorial candidate in Virginia may think sparklers are “rinky-dink,” a doctor in Rhode Island compared them to a blow torch.

…AND suggested parents avoid the handheld “fireworks” in favor of bubbles and pom-poms when celebrating the Fourth of July.

A stance that may have on its own caused the Founder Fathers to rethink the whole American revolution thing, had they been able to foresee the nation of buttercups that America would one day become.

Dr. Dina Burstein of the Injury Prevention Center at Rhode Island Hospital noted in an interview with NBC 10 News that sparklers cause 1,900 visits a year to the emergency room.

“They’re actually not so benign,” Burstein said. “And I think what people don’t realize is that they actually burn at a very high temperature — up to 2,000 degrees — so that’s the equivalent of what a blow torch would be at.”

The good doctor said sparklers are just too dangerous for children.

“It’s children who account for most of the fireworks injuries,” she said. “Children under 15 account for 26 percent of the estimated number of fireworks injuries.”

Burstein’s solution to this “risk” was to suggest parents give their kids bubbles, pom-poms and glow sticks, as well as noise makers.

She insisted this will help children avoid the emergency room — assuming they don’t succumb to the sheer boredom of life in today’s sanitized America.

H/T Daily Caller

Tom Tillison


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