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Shameless CNN humiliates itself with hard-hitting report on Obama’s ‘jeans game’

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Brought to you by the the “2 scoops” network…

With CNN’s journalistic integrity taking hits like never before, prompting unending ridicule online, the network responded with a hard-hitting article on the evolution of Barack Obama’s “jeans game.”

As the former president jets around the world on an endless ultra-luxury vacation reminiscent of the lifestyles of the rich and famous, CNN embarked on a investigative report to tell the world how much better Obama looks in blue jeans compared to a few short years ago.

This from the same crack network that reported guests having dinner at the White House can expect to get just once scoop of ice cream while President Trump is served two scoops.

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And if Jeff Zucker and Co. thought the mockery was bad before, wait until they get a load of the reaction to their latest attempt to humiliate themselves. An effort that goes to show, nine years later, the media’s slobbering love affair with Obama is still going strong:

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:




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