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Kim Kardashian gets a taste of the real world as she’s mom-shamed over car seat photo

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Reality superstar Kim Kardashian is getting a taste of the real world – and it’s brutal out here.

Kardashian has been triggering social justice warriors like crazy over the past few weeks, and let’s face it, it’s not hard to do. Last week, Kardashian groveled for forgiveness after being accused of wearing “blackface” in a photo promoting her new makeup line.

The star’s latest “mistake” wasn’t over a  photo of herself, but one she took of her child Saint sitting in his car seat.

As is the current recommendation, car seats are rear facing and thought to be safer for baby. But that was only for infants until very recently. A new study by the American Academy of Pediatrics concluded in February that children should remain in rear-facing car seats until at least age two or until the child reaches the height and weight limit recommended by the car seat manufacturer.

As the Family Education website notes, rear-facing seats now accommodate children up to 40 pounds, “making it possible they may be rear-facing well beyond the age of two.”

Kardashian got in trouble with fans when they saw her adorable 15-month-old facing the front while strapped in his seat.

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California requires by law children to remain rear facing until age two unless they are either 40 inches tall or 40 or more pounds in weight. Sources close to Kim K, told the Daily Mail that Saint has hit both of those markers.

No matter, because those who love the Nanny State never give up the chance to play the nanny.

And Kim K. felt their wrath — again. Just a quick example from Kardashian’s Facebook where Saint’s picture was posted:

He’d also be “safer” in a big giant bubble made of super strength SPF 70+ infused foam, but don’t give the left any ideas.

Just imagine how repulsed they’d be to learn of life in the good ole’ days, hanging out in the hatchback of an old jalopy, or maybe riding in the back of a pickup with the dog and dad’s hunting rifles.

Picture of kids happily hanging out of the back of a Buick Estate Wagon in 1972. Picture from a sales brochure. Via Flicker/Google Image reuse.

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Speaking of rifles, Kardashian also come under heavy fire the political right when she slammed the Second Amendment, while admitting she relies on armed body guards.

Maybe it’s time to lay low for a while, Kim.



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