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Gutfeld floats really plausible reason Obama failed to react to Russian meddling

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Who knew Mitt Romney would be the gift that keeps on giving?

While much of the media seems befuddled over why former President Barack Obama failed to take decisive action when he was informed that Russia may be meddling in our election, Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld has it all figured out.

“Here’s the reason why Obama didn’t say anything, okay?” Gutfeld proffered Monday night. “He didn’t want to look like a fool for dismissing the Russians when he mocked [Mitt] Romney over it.”

“Obama’s really good on the small things,” he continued. “He appears presidential, sophisticated, eloquent, but he’s wrong on the big things. He doesn’t understand our adversaries. He didn’t understand Russia at the time and he was embarrassed by it and he should be embarrassed for what he did to Mitt Romney.”

Gutfeld astutely compared the situation with Obama being fuddled over the sudden rise of the Islamic State, dismissing the militants as the equivalent of “a jayvee team.”

“He may be a president that will be remembered for letting the varmints overtake the yard,” he concluded.

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