ESPN has a nude issue: Pro-athletes with perfect bods take it ALL off for shoot …naked tennis anyone?

Don’t you just love when people with picture perfect bodies go on and on about how nudity is “no big deal” and we should all just be comfortable in our own skin?

Case in point, perfectly toned 26-year-old, tennis pro Caroline Wozniacki who has bravely donned the pages of ESPN Magazine’s annual Body Issue – naked.

“If I don’t look like a supermodel on the runway, that’s okay because I look good in my own way,” she told ESPN Mag.

She certainly does!

“I can’t spend time stressing about something I don’t have and just embrace what I do have,” the young woman with not an ounce of visible out-of-place fat, (let alone cellulite!) said.

“It’s so in to have curves now. It’s in to be looking healthy,” she said.

If by curves, Wozniacki means lean muscle? Well, she’s got that in spades.

The tennis pro along with several others were featured in the upcoming ESPN issue, including super-hunk atheletes Ezekiel Elliot of the Dallas Cowboys, Isaiah Thomas of the Boston Celtics and Chicago Cubs player, Javier (Javy) Baez.

And Wozniacki is arguably among the hotest of the hot:

Below is part of a promotional video featuring Wozniacki for the photo shoot obtained by the Daily Mail:

“My fitness is something I pride myself on. I think that’s definitely something that I win quite a few matches on,” she said before declaring she doesn’t obsess over her weight.

“I rarely stand on a scale, to be honest,” she continued. “When I stop playing, I’m not going to obsess so much about my weight. It’s going to be more about a healthy lifestyle. It’s more about how I feel.’

Wozniacki gets ready to bare all. Video screen grab.


Video screen grab.

If Wozniacki’s modesty about her less-than-super-model body sounds a little less than sincere, it might because she’s becoming a pro at posing nude.

In Sports Illustrated’s 2016 issue, Wozniacki forwent the traditional bikini for a painted on version that left little to the imagination.

This is Wozniacki having a “panic attack” while a bathing suit is sprayed over her belly button. She doesn’t like that, she says. Can’t you tell?

Below, are outtakes of Wozniacki being painted for Sports Illustrated:

If this tennis thing doesn’t continue to pan out for Wozniacki, she can probably get a job in modeling — no matter what she says.


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