Grover Norquist explains ‘how Republicans are born’ using daughter’s first guitar … unhinged left flips out

Grover Norquist shared a personal anecdote online about his daughter to demonstrate how Republicans are born.

…all of which proved to be TOO MUCH for the left.

Norquist, the man behind the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, a promise by lawmakers to oppose all tax increases while in office, explained that his 8-year-old daughter wanted to buy a guitar and just enough money to pay for it, only to be stymied by the sales tax.

A simple enough concept, but it prompted a quick reaction from omnipotent moral busybodies on the left, looking to teach Norquist about the “values” of socialism and social justice in post-Obama America.

Here’s a sampling of the unhinged responses from Twitter:

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Not that Norquist, and his daughter, didn’t have a least one sympathizer!

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Tom Tillison


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