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Fox News’ Ed Henry has wise words for his ‘friend’ at CNN: ‘If you’re going to be a reporter …’

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Fox News chief national correspondent Ed Henry took CNN’s Jim Acosta to task for having a hissy fit over how White House press briefings are being conducted, saying his colleague is “overreacting.”

Appearing on Fox News’s “Media Buzz,” Henry was asked by host Howard Kurtz if the senior White House correspondent for CNN is “crossing a line” — Acosta recently said White House press secretary Sean Spicer is “just kind of useless.”

“I think he is,” Henry replied.

“I think everybody, frankly, is overacting to this whole issue of White House briefings, getting lost in all kinds of side issues,” he said. “The real issue is the credibility of the White House press secretary, but frankly the credibility of correspondents as well.”

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Henry then zeroed in on Acosta.

“So, I will repeat, Jim Acosta’s a friend,” he said. “I like him as a colleague, but yes, I’m going to be honest and direct. He’s over, overdoing this.”

Pointing to a remark Acosta made comparing the White House to Pravda, the onetime official newspaper of the Russian Communist Party, Henry said, “This is not the Soviet Union.”

He then suggested Acosta may be too opinionated for his current role.

“And if you’re going to be a reporter, you’re going to be a correspondent,” Henry said. “These opinions are now no longer coming from pundits. It’s coming from White House correspondents.”

As critical as he was of Acosta’s pretentious behavior, Henry had some advice for the White House press secretary, who has been opting for more off-screen press gaggles lately.

“Wake up, Sean Spicer. This is 2017. The American people expect transparency,” he said. “Get in front of a camera and answer the tough questions.”

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