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Jesse Watters ambushes Jesse Ventura at weed show with one explosive question and it wasn’t pretty

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When not actively engaged in suing widows of American war heroes like Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, Jesse Ventura advocates for pot legalization and that’s where Fox News’ Jesse Watters caught up with the former pro wrestler.

…and while eager to share misinformation on weed, Ventura is not so eager to talk about suing widows.

Venture took care to note that while serving a governor of Minnesota — it’s still hard to believe he was elected to public office — he did not get high. He also showed that in addition to lacking the grace to avoid taking money from a widow and her two small children, he has no sense of humor whatsoever.

“Were you high when you sued Chris Kyle’s wife,” Watters asked.

“That is a f*cking bullsh*t question, and I expect it from someone from Fox,” replied an unamused Ventura.

“The Body” suggested it was OK that he pursued legal action against Kyle’s estate after the former SEAL was killed by a fellow vet because “insurance pays for it all.”

Watters told him that Taya Kyle was “suffering a lot of pain” because of his actions.

“No she isn’t!” he shot back.

Asked if he was willing to apologize to Kyle’s widow, a venom-filled Ventura spewed: “No! She should apologize to me for the lie her husband told about me. Why should I apologize, I didn’t do anything.”

Minnesotans should be proud.

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Tom Tillison


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