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Liberals love Shepard Smith’s Trump-bashing tirade over Comey tapes

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Sounding more like an on-air personality from rival CNN, Fox News’ Shepard Smith questioned President Donald Trump for saying that while he did not record his talks with former FBI director James Comey, tapes may still exist.

Looking past Trump’s premise that with all the surveillance going on by intelligence agencies anything is possible, the smarmy host said Trump “admitted on Twitter that he didn’t record and does not have tapes of conversations with Comey,” before adding that “the president again left the door open as to whether anybody else may have tapes of those conversations.”

“He said, ‘you never know,’ and referenced what he said was the ‘horrible situation’ with surveillance all over the place,” Smith noted, showing a clip of Trump during an interview earlier that day on “Fox & Friends.”

“[Trump] can find out for us, because he can ask, ‘Are there any recordings of the White House?’” Smith condescendingly added.

As if an agency secretly recording Oval Office discussions is going to volunteer such information.

Bolstering his position, Smith quoted Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff, a noted Trump critic:

SG Shep Smith Reporting

Smith also seemed to take exception with a recent White House policy of doing off-screen press gaggles on the days the president speaks live on television — yet another similarity he shares with CNN.

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