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Is Comey getting more of his pals to leak? Message of imminent Trump bombshell piques attention

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Obama appointee James Comey gets his moonbat comrades to leak to the media to retaliate against Trump for firing him. (Image: BPR screengrabs)

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Birds of a press-whore feather flock together. Just ask James Comey and his leaky pals.

Benjamin Wittes, a longtime Comey comrade, tweeted an ominous message on Friday suggesting Comey could drop another bombshell to undermine President Trump.

“Tick tick tick tick tick tick,” Wittes snarked, as he posted an inane video an ISIS terrorist would love.

Wittes, a blogger at Lawfare, is a senior fellow at liberal think tank the Brookings Institution. His claim to fame right now is tweeting about the Comey-Trump drama.

Comey, an Obama appointee, has been passive-aggressively retaliating against Trump ever since the president fired him in May.

In a follow-up tweet, Wittes — whose Twitter bio reads “Support the Deep State” — said another leaked story slamming Trump could drop on Monday.

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The tweet came just hours after the president revealed he did not record his private conversations with Comey, the Daily Caller noted.

Wittes tweeted similar dumb “tick tick tick” warnings shortly before Comey’s pal Daniel Richman, a professor at Columbia Law School, leaked Comey’s memos to the New York Times detailing his top-secret meetings with Trump.

At this point, it really doesn’t matter what else James Comey says about President Trump because his credibility has been so badly damaged and trashed by both liberals and conservatives.

james comey leak new york times meme
(Image: Twitter)

No side really wants to “claim” an FBI director who repeatedly leaks to the press and showboats for media attention.

Thanks to his press-whoring antics, Comey could score a $10 million book advance. A movie is also reportedly in the works that will glamorize Comey as an anti-Trump martyr.

While Democrats and the liberal media are embracing Comey now so they can weaponize him in their war on Trump, they had viciously trashed him after his July 2016 press conference where he criticized Hillary Clinton’s gross mishandling of top-secret government intel.

At the time, many liberals demanded Comey be fired. But when Trump did fire him, they predictably sided with Comey in a knee-jerk reaction to oppose the president.




Comey obviously learned a lot by watching grifters Bill and Hillary Clinton, who cavalierly used their stints in political office to rake in hundreds of millions of dollars.


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