Mortifying video shows YOUNG ‘gangsta’ child spit, swear and flash gangs signs at grandma

Might as well lock him up now…

Apologists are sure to make excuses for the horrific behavior of a young kid, claiming it’s an isolated incident not representative of today’s culture.

The boy, who appears to be around 4 or 5-years-old, is caught on video flashing gang signs while defiantly cursing what appears to be his grandmother and sister.

…and that’s just the beginning!

The woman violently slaps the boy repeatedly as she tried desperately to control him, but he gave as good as he got, slapping back at her. He also spit on his sister after she complained that his behavior was “f*cking embarrassing.”

“Look at all the f*cking people laughing,” the girl said.

The odds of this kid having a bright future are slim and none — based on his actions at such a young age, a prison cell looms in the near future.

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Tom Tillison


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