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Defensive Pelosi grovels for relevance in wake of election loss backlash, and Trump has her back!

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Entrenched career politician Nancy Pelosi is finally feeling the heat from an unlikely place – her own Party.

As BPR reported earlier, everyone from celebs to Dem colleagues are mulling over the possibility that it might be time to end the longtime San Francisco Congresswoman’s reign in D.C.

The backlash against Pelosi comes mainly from the devastating loses Democrats faced in recent special elections. Most notably, Karen Handel won a Georgia Congressional seat against “dream” Democrat candidate Jon Ossoff.

Republicans tied Ossoff to Pelosi during the heated campaign which was thought to be the death knell for the aspiring young liberal politician.

Whether or not Pelosi was the only reason for the Democrat’s defeat is speculation, but nonetheless there are growing calls for her ousting.

Clamoring on to power like the true career politician that she is, Pelosi isn’t going to go down without a fight. She defended her relevance in a press conference stating that she’s “worth the trouble.”

Pelosi became defensive, in the middle of a long rambling explanation about the state of the Democrat Party (video at end).

“So you want me to sing my praises? Is that what you’re saying?” Pelosi said with a nervous giggle.

She then went on to call herself a “master legislator.”

But, the heat was dialed up even further when President Trump chimed in with some words of his own urging Dems to keep her on:


Ha. He has a point!

More of the Pelosi presser can be watched below:


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