Megyn Kelly’s interview bombed badly. It’s pretty bad when you get beat by reruns of …

Bet NBC is rethinking its decision to hire former Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

The controversy surrounding the latest airing of “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly,” featuring an interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, seems to have generated more attention that the episode itself did.

Not only did the 7 p.m. show come in last place among the four major networks with 3.5 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research, it also earned another embarrassing achievement, Huffington Post reported.

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Apparently, Sunday night reruns garnered more viewers than Kelly.

ABC’s rerun of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” pulled in 3.7 million viewers while a CBS rerun of “60 Minutes” was enjoyed by 5.3 million viewers who did not tune in to NBC’s offering. Fox’s U.S. Golf Open Championship coverage clearly came out on top with 6.1 million viewers.

Kelly just did not seem to be delivering after all the hype, and viewers appeared to be fine with that.

It seems the debate over Kelly’s interview of Jones picked up more viewers than the controversial exchange which sparked outrage and criticism before it even aired.

Advertisers pulled out of the show’s airtime and an NBC affiliate in Connecticut refused to air the episode at all due to Jones’ claims that the 2012 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School were a hoax. Critics blasted NBC and Kelly for giving the “Infowars” host a platform.

Even Kelly’s former Fox News Channel colleague, Bill O’Reilly, commented on the show’s “awful” ratings.

The ratings flop comes early in the debut of the “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” show which premiered this month with an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. But even that episode, with 6.1 million viewers, fell behind  the “60 Minutes” airing that night.

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Among 18-49-year-olds, a demographic highly prized by advertisers, Kelly’s interview tied with CBS for a 0.5 rating but lost to ABC’s 0.7 and Fox’s 1.4 ratings, according to Huffington Post.

Kelly signed a multi-year contract with NBC in January.

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