Eric Bolling: It may be time for US to strike North Korea or we may sacrifice Los Angeles

Fox News host Eric Bolling boldly wondered aloud if its time for the U.S. to launch “a preemptive strike” on North Korea.

Following news that American student Otto Warmbier had died after being returned home from 17 months in a North Korean prison, Bolling reacted Monday on  Fox News Channel’s “The Specialists.”

“This bothers me so much,” Bolling told the show’s panel, discussing the death of Warmbier.

“It may be time for a preemptive strike,” he said, suggesting the U.S. should consider an attack on North Korea’s “crazy dictator” since America has been “directly affected” by the way Warmbier was treated.

“Thirty minutes is the lead time between firing that missile in North Korea and Los Angeles,” Bolling said. “Are you willing to risk Los Angeles?”

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The panelists did not appear to be on board with his line of thinking and co-host Katherine Timpf felt “military action should be avoided at all costs.”

“You wait until a missile is on its way to Los Angeles and hope the missile interceptor works?” Bolling asked. “And if it doesn’t, you sacrifice Los Angeles? You say, ‘We waited. We shouldn’t have waited.’”

He concluded with a question on how, or even if,  North Korea would respond to a U.S. attack.

“What are they going to do?” he asked. “Fight back?”

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