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Bill and Hillary see a New York play for RARE ‘date night’ … no, not THAT play

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America loves a loser… wait a minute!

Bill and Hillary Clinton attended a Broadway show in New York on  Friday with daughter Chelsea and were treated like rock stars by an adoring crowd.

…more so Hillary than Bubba.

And, no, they were not on hand to see the Trump assassination play “Julius Caesar.”

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The Clintons saw the musical “Come From Away,” and the room was ecstatic to learn of their presence.

Liberals in the crowd — majority of the room — gave the two-time failed presidential candidate a standing ovation:

The production crew was also happy to welcome the Clintons, posing with them in the photo below:

Co-writer David Hein shared his thoughts on Facebook on the Clintons attending the show:

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The rock star treatment of the Clintons continued after the play, as seen in the video below:

Additional photos of the well received “date night” can be seen here:



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