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Elizabeth Warren to President Trump: ‘Donald, you ain’t seen nasty yet’

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Do we really need more of this?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren upped the ante laid down in actress Ashley Judd’s “I’m a nasty woman” speech she presented at the Women’s March on Washington, D.C.

“Donald, you ain’t seen nasty yet,” the Massachusetts Democrat told audience members at a New York City town hall event Friday.

“What Donald Trump and the Republican majority in the House and the Senate want to do to us, is they want to deliver the knockout blow to the middle class,” she added at the event, which was also a promotion for her new book, “This Fight is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America’s Middle Class.”

She was reading from her book when she made the remarks, and it was the “nasty woman” quote that everyone on social media focused on — and not in a good way for the senator.

They were especially amazed that she would deliver this line two days after the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise and four others at a Republican practice for a baseball game against Democrats.

So much for friendly competition.

And some wondered just how nasty Warren planned on getting.

After Ashley Judd delivered her “I’m a nasty woman” speech, her older sister country music singer Wynonna Judd took extraordinary steps to distance herself from her younger sibling, stating, “I’m not my sister’s keeper.”

Here’s a video of her town hall appearance.

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