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Dramatic rescue video: Bullets flying, fmr US Special Forces op saves little girl in Mosul

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David Eubank, a former US Special Forces operator-turned aid worker, was captured on video making a daring rescue of a young Iraqi girl caught in the line of fire.

The incident took place in the embattled northern Iraq city of Mosul, which is on the verge of being freed from ISIS control. Eubank, who formed the Free Burma Rangers, an aid group that delivers medicine, supplies and humanitarian support where other organizations cannot go, according to the Los Angeles Times, spotted the small child among the bodies of dozens of civilians cut down by Islamic State snipers as they tried to flee the fighting.

There was also a wounded man there and Eubank, 56, knew it was “now or never” if he was going to help them.

SG Eubank2

More from The Times on the dramatic rescue:

The Iraqi troops Eubank was embedded with coordinated with the U.S.-led coalition to drop smoke canisters to shield the rescuers from the snipers’ view. Eubank and others crept up on foot behind an advancing tank, bullets pinging all around them as they got closer to the wounded civilians.

“Then the Americans dropped the biggest barrage, the most perfect wall of smoke I’d ever seen,” Eubank said.

His team was yards away from the girl, and there still “was shooting everywhere.” But it was now or never.

“I thought, ‘If I die doing this, my wife and kids would understand.’”


Needless to say, Eubank did not die… nor did the young girl with pink ribbons in her hair.

SG Eubank3

SG Eubank 4

With bullets flying everywhere, the daring rescue can be seen in the Fox News video below:

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