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Caitlyn Jenner on GOP shooting: ‘Guy was a really bad shot. Fortunately … liberals can’t even shoot straight’

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Bruce Jenner, who fancies himself these days to be Caitlyn, may have turned loose of his male genitalia but he’s kept his hands firmly around his right-of-center politics.

Speaking to the College Republican Foundation of Virginia, Jenner commented on the unhinged liberal assassin who opened fire on Republican lawmakers last week during a congressional baseball practice.

“Nobody deserves what happened out there,” the man who now identifies as a woman said. “There’s no justification.”

“As far as the people that were injured, it’s an absolute shame,” Jenner continued. “You just want them to recover.”

The former Olympian gold medal winner then took a not-so-veiled shot at the left.

“Fortunately the guy was a really bad shot… liberals can’t even shoot straight,” he/she said of the Bernie Sanders supporter who was killed by police during the attack.

The Republican crowd ate it up.

Tom Tillison


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