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Krauthammer mocks Ivanka’s sincere complaints of viciousness: ‘It’s a little bit rich…’

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Charles Krauthammer criticized Ivanka Trump’s comments about vicious attacks against her father as a bit ironic.

President Trump’s daughter remarked on the “level of viciousness” and the “ferocity” she was not expecting in Washington, D.C. during an interview on “Fox & Friends” on Monday.

Reacting to her comments, Krauthammer found it “a little bit rich” that the first daughter would complain about “viciousness.”

“I have nothing against Ivanka Trump. I think she’s done a splendid job in a pretty difficult situation,” the Fox News contributor said on “Special Report with Bret Baier” on Monday.

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“But it’s a little bit rich when the Trump family is complaining about the viciousness,” he added, noting the “random characterizations” by President Trump during the election campaign.

Trump famously coined nicknames like “Lyin’ Ted” to refer to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, “Little Marco” for Florida’s Sen. Rubio, “Pocahontas” referring to Massachusetts’ Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and of course, “Crooked Hillary” referring to his Democratic presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton.

“He’s pretty good at the street fight, and what he’s getting is a street fight back,” Krauthammer said.

But he then turned his criticism at Democrats and others for continuing to question the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency, calling it a “real problem.”

“He is the president. He deserves, at least, the chance to govern,” Krauthammer said, slamming the ongoing hearings and focus on Russia.

“This is a guy whose entire life was anti-Russia, anti-Soviet,” Krauthammer said of Trump. “Do we actually think he colluded with the Russians?”

The investigations, he concluded, are “investigations for its own sake” and to simply produce “smoke.”

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