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‘If I did I was joking’: McCain starts to deny saying US leadership was better under Obama, but then …

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Will the real “whacko bird” please stand up.

Maybe Sen. John McCain hasn’t lost his damn mind after all… or, politics is just as sleazy as we all knew it to be.

Amid all the hubbub over a comment McCain made to The Guardian about American leadership being better under President Barack Obama than it is now under President Donald Trump, the Arizona Republican says he didn’t say what he said.

I never said such a thing,” McCain told The Daily Caller. “A thousand times I said, ‘Look at the world in 2009 and look at it today.’ Of course, I never said [that]. If I did I was joking.”

McCain is referencing a response to a question asked by The Guardian about whether the United State’s international standing was better under Obama, which came while discussing Trump’s criticism of London Mayor Sadiq Khan after last week’s terrorist attack in his city.

“As far as American leadership is concerned, yes,” McCain replied.

Except he now denies saying that… so was it a “senior moment” for the octogenarian or was there another late night Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game?

Inquiring social media users want to know… here’s a sampling of responses to all the confusion from Twitter:

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