Dem Rep feels backlash after introducing ‘Covfefe Act’

Democrats have been working overtime doing what they do best – wasting taxpayer money to come up with stupid laws that only serve their political agenda.

Case in point, Rep. Mike Quigley of Illinois who introduced the not-so-cleverly named “Covfefe Act” that seeks to make it illegal for President Trump to delete his tweets.

Nevermind the fact that everything Trump tweets is immediately archived by hordes of his detractors hoping for just that – a delete, so they can claim “score!”

Quigley would dash all the fun for his fellow leftists if The Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement (Covfefe) Act came to fruition.

The bill would make Trump’s tweets and all his social media posts classified as presidential records which could make deleting the posts an illegal act, the Hill reported.

“President Trump’s frequent, unfiltered use of his personal Twitter account as a means of official communication is unprecedented. If the President is going to take to social media to make sudden public policy proclamations, we must ensure that these statements are documented and preserved for future reference. Tweets are powerful, and the President must be held accountable for every post,” Quigley said in a statement.

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The term “covfefe” blew up when President Trump made a typo in one of his infamous tweets. Like clockwork, the left and their media lapdogs made a huge deal over the tweet and the typo-term as since gone mainstream.

The vast majority of folks on Twitter seemed to agree that the Covfefe Act is a colossal waste of time:

Imagine! And to think Quigley is from Illinois … it’s not like that state doesn’t have major issues. Surely, he has better things to do, no?

A hell of a lot more than most of the people forced to fork over tax dollars to pay their salaries.

Again, he’s a Democrat — from Illinois!

And the backlash went on and on, but at least one person touched on someone who completely deleted their records — with hammers and Bleach Bit.

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No problem at all.


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