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‘You can do it, Finn, jump to me’: Watch the most adorable toddler teach his baby brother how to escape

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Oh, those poor parents…

A toddler is caught on camera springing his baby brother from the hoosegow, which is sometimes referred to as a crib, and the too cute moment was captured on camera.

Working together like a well-oiled criminal enterprise, the older brother, Oliver, frees his sibling, little Finn, from the bars of confinement for some free-roaming fun.

No doubt the ringleader of the gang, the older brother skillfully places a chair in the crib, then demonstrates how to put it to use, proving that they alone will decide when playtime is over.

But Oliver didn’t stop there, offering the toddler plenty of encouragement

“You can do it,” he said. “Finn, jump to me.”

All the while, disaster looms and you just know someone is going to get hurt, but the story has a happy ending… at least for Oliver and Finn.

The video was originally shared on the Facebook page Daily Bumps and now has over 60 million views.

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