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‘Are you schizo?’ You haven’t heard it all until you hear Judge Pirro destroy ‘drama queen’ James Comey

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Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro tore into former FBI Director James Comey in the “Opening Statement” segment of Saturday’s program, saying he is a drama queen spinning “a conspiracy worthy of a Greek tragedy.”

Pirro noted that while testifying last week before the Senate intelligence committee, Comey painted himself as the victim while calling President Donald Trump a liar.

“You sound like a two-year old, grow up!” she declared.

Pirro pointed out that by his own admission, Comey may have violated the Federal Records Act when he leaked information to The New York Times, as he admitted to doing.

Questioning whether his agenda was “to proliferate anti-Trump hate,” she blasted Comey over his comment to the Senate panel that it wasn’t his place to determine whether Trump committed obstruction of justice.

“Are you schizo?” she asked. “Are you the same guy who held a press conference to do what has never been done in the history of this country, and announced to the world that no reasonable prosecutor would indict Hillary?”

“Do you have delusions of grandeur?” Pirro continued, after pointing out how Comey always finds himself at the center of a national crisis, “You spend a lot of time talking about your emotions.”

Pirro then got down to the brass tacks of the matter.

“The truth, Jim, you’re a political operative,” she charged. “You always have been. One who is addicted to drama.”

Tom Tillison


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