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Watch ABC lionize Bradley Manning in teary-eyed interview, Obama’s pardon encouraged new traitors

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U.S. Army soldier Bradley Manning, who calls himself Chelsea these days, got all teary-eyed while discussing former President Barack Obama during an interview with ABC News.

Manning was convicted by court-martial of violating the Espionage Act and other offenses after releasing more than half a million classified documents to WikiLeaks. He was sentenced to 35 years in prison but served just seven years before Obama commuted the sentence three days before leaving office.

…a decision that effectively justified Manning’s traitorous actions.

Now hailed as a hero by those on the left who are not particularly fond of the U.S.,  a distinction that may have been affected by Manning making the politically acceptable decision of coming out as a transgender woman, the man who betrayed his country and uniform was asked by “Nightline” co-anchor Juju Chang what he’d say to Obama if given the chance.

“Thank you. I was given a chance, that’s all I wanted,” Manning replied, as her? tears began to flow. “That’s all I asked for was a chance, that’s it.”

As for Obama’s controversial decision to grant Manning clemency, and the celebrity status he has acquired for his treasonous actions, courtesy of the left, it’s not surprise that see more of the same, as in the case of NSA leaker Reality Winner, who leaked classified information to news agencies.

Manning’s name came up Friday on Fox News’ “The Five,” as the left’s acceptance of Winner’s actions was discussed.

Co-host Jesse Watters went so far as to suggest that “if Benedict Arnold were around today, he’d probably have his own HBO show.”

Tom Tillison


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