Sarah Huckabee Sanders lets off cryptic tweet loaded with emojis; ‘covfefe’ part 2 gets underway

Another strange tweet has emerged from the Trump administration, though the latest effort is not likely to end up on a license plate.

Deputy White House Press Secretaryย Sarah Huckabee Sandersย posted an odd, emoji-filled tweet Saturday morning that rivaled the infamous “covfefe” tweet sent out last week by the boss, President Donald Trump.

Sanders tweet had the liberal media scrambling for their Trump code books in trying to decipher the hidden meaning behind it, certain it has something to do with Russia!

One thought that comes to mind is a butt-tweet, but Sanders explained on Twitter a short time later what actually happened: “This is what happens when your 3 year old steals your phone. Thanks Huck! #neverleaveyourphoneunlocked.โ€

The “covfefe” tweet has taken on a life all its own, with a South Carolina man perhaps becoming the first in America to get his own personalized license plate immortalizing the garbled tweet that perplexed liberals for days.

“I always wanted a personalized plate but never could come up with anything clever,” Russell Cranford told WIS-TV. “When I saw that tweet, I knew that was it.”

Here’s a sampling of the reactions to Sanders’ tweet from Twitter, although it’s hard to decipher between the sarcasm on the left and legitimate angst:

Tom Tillison


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