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Florida man strips naked after crashing his car, then strips door handle off deputies patrol car

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Florida Man” strikes again!

Blame it on the blazing sun for baking the brains of residents of the Sunshine State — as a longtime inhabitant, I’m qualified to say — but only in Florida do naked men walk down the street after a car accident.

In a more sane world, the naked man is likely the cause of others wrecking, but not in the case of 18-year-old Andrew Humphries, who stripped off his clothes after crashing his car, The New York Post reported. Adding to his woes, he would proceed to strip the handle off a patrol car.

A Marion County Sheriff’s deputy captured the far from normal events on a dash cam. The cop is heard reacting after Humphries tried to open the driver’s door of his patrol car when the officer got out to question him.

“That’s not normal,” the officer is heard telling the young man.

“You are absolutely naked, my man,” he then adds. “Another thing not normal.”

That was followed by the obvious question of what drugs Humphries might be under the influence of — he was charged with one felony count of criminal mischief and one misdemeanor count of criminal mischief, The Post reported.

Either way, kudos to law enforcement officers for what they do on a daily basis.

Tom Tillison


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