Hannity calls out ‘low-rated’ Scarborough for an ‘embarrassing’ confession in BITTER Twitter war

The war of words between Fox News’ Sean Hannity and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough was reignited as the two took to Twitter to continue firing at each other.

Hannity called out “poor liberal Joe” and his Morning Joe co-host, and fiancee, Mika Brzezinski in a tweet Wednesday. The pair have been hostile critics of President Trump since the inauguration despite Scarborough’s past friendship with him.

Teasing a “hilarious video montage” on his show later that night, Hannity criticized the MSNBC hosts for their “daily emotional meltdown.”

That montage he referred to featured various clips of Scarborough insulting the president and attacking Fox News and its anchors.

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“Liberal Joe, you really shouldn’t be throwing stones from your incredibly fragile glass house,” Hannity said in the monologue of Wednesday’s “Hannity.” He accused the MSNBC showof routinely featuring “some of the most vile, unfair, disgusting and even emotionally unhinged” coverage of Trump.

Scarborough did not miss the jab on Twitter and fired back almost immediately with a series of tweets accusing the Fox News host of being “obsessed” with him and likening him to an agent of the Kremlin.

Hannity responded to the barrage by mocking the low ratings for the MSNBC show and bringing up that Scarborough allegedly “begged Fox” for a job for years.

He also called out the former GOP congressman as a  “black helicopter, tin foil hate” conspiracy theorist.

Scarborough let the last shot go unanswered – so far. But with his over 1.3 million Twitter followers and Hannity’s more than 2.4 million, the online feud certainly generated a lot of commentary.

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