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Nashville gas station offers 50k reward for Kathy Griffin’s head … but is it legal or wise?

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Liberals are not going to like this very much…

Amid all the controversy over disturbed comedian Kathy Griffin posting a photo of herself holding what appeared to be the severed head of President Donald Trump, a Nashville country store has upped the ante.

…big time.

A scrolling digital sign outside the Lewis Country Store displayed a message that read: “$50,000 reward for Kathy Griffin’s head delivered,” according to the Knoxville News Sentinel.

Seems a passerby who wished to remain anonymous snapped a photo of the sign on Friday, questioning the legality of the message.

“I know this seems like a bad joke, but is this legal?” the man wrote in an email to The Tennessean. “I’m not sure if this is covered by free speech.”


The gas station has a history of displaying controversial messages — one example being “#Trump that b****” displayed in October 2016 — which prompted Shell Oil to cut ties with the establishment, the News Sentinel reported.

But the decidedly pro-Donald Trump business is unapologetic, as seen in a post shared Saturday on its Facebook page:

Lewis Country Store

Of course, you don’t have to be a liberal to know that while the business owner surely means no real harm to Griffin, the implied message is over the top and it’s not entirely out of the question that some whack job might want to take him up on the offer.

Here’s a quick sampling of the reactions on Twitter:


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