Bette Midler declares ‘men and religion worthless’ in wake of London attack

bette midler blames white men religion for muslim london bridge attacks
Bette Midler says all men (except for Muslims, natch) are to blame for Islamist terrorist attacks. (Image: screenshot)

You can’t blame all Muslims for Islamist terrorist attacks, but you CAN condemn all men (excluding Muslims) and all religions (excluding Islam) as “useless.”

That’s what moonbat actress Bette Midler suggested in an epically stupid tweet following the terrorist attacks on London Bridge that left 7 dead. ISIS has since claimed responsibility.

Midler, an apologist for Muslim terrorists, fumed that men and religion are “worthless.”

“More sorrow and grief at the hands of madmen in London. Men and religion are worthless,” she wrote.

Bette was immediately slammed by women and men for her anti-male generalization, but moreso for glossing over the fact that Islamist terrorist attacks are committed by Muslims.

Meanwhile, this is what jihadis were planning hours before the London Bridge attacks.

Bette Midler was following a tactic straight out of the leftist playbook, which says it’s OK to trash whites and men but not Muslims.

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Even some Muslims were disgusted that the mainstream media “white-washed” their coverage of the London Bridge attacks by refusing to include eyewitness accounts that said the attackers yelled “This is for allah!” before stabbing and killing innocent people.

When a virtue-signalling woman tried to bleat the #NotAllMuslims drivel, an honest iman promptly shut her down:

Everyone knows exactly why Bette Midler pretended Islam had nothing to do with the latest terrorist attack: It’s because when you target whites or Christians or Buddhists or any other group, you’re not likely to trigger a suicide bombing or be beheaded.

But if you attack Islam or Muslims, your days are surely numbered.

At this point, even the most politically correct people are fed up with the mainstream media’s censorship of Muslim terrorism.

Meanwhile, many men took offense to Midler’s misandry, saying she just lost several fans.

One woman sarcastically said other women weren’t available to help after the latest terrorist attack because they were busy getting their genitals sliced off.

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