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Unlucky thief picks a store where EVERYBODY else was armed; here’s footage of his big mistake

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A very unfortunate thief in what is reported to be Brazil picked the very last place he should have tried to rob because EVERYBODY in the store seemed to be armed.

“… and the only target was him.”

That was the description of a LiveLeak video capturing a bandit entering a store and pulling a weapon from his waistband while at least four customers and a store clerk looked on.

One of the men places his hands on top of his head, but remains conspicuously near the gunman, who makes the critical mistake of getting too close to him. In a matter of seconds, the man knocks the gun out of the robber’s hand and pulls a weapon of his own.

But it’s hard to say if he shoots the gunman, who is seen falling to the ground, because everybody in the store, other than the clerk, had a weapon pulled by this time!

A second video shows a second man stealthily moving behind a display aisle as he pulls his weapon. There is no sound in the video, but he appears to open fire first on the would-be robber.

Based on the video, the odds of the young man surviving aren’t very good.

Tom Tillison


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