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Tulsa woman gets stiff 16 years for mutilating corpse of estranged husband’s lover before funeral viewing

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A “scorned wife” who prosecutors say was “so eaten up” with jealousy for a deceased woman she thought was having an affair with her now-estranged husband that she wanted revenge even AFTER the woman died was found guilty for doing just that.

Shaynna Sims was sentenced to 16 years in prison on charges related to mutilating the body of Tabatha Lynch while she was in a casket during a funeral home viewing.

More from KFOR Newschannel 4:

Back in 2015, Sims had pretended to be a funeral home employee so that she would get access to the body of her boyfriend’s lover, which was on display for viewing at the time.

Officials say Sims “slashed the woman’s face with a pocket knife,” cut off a toe and at least one of the woman’s breasts’, and also cut the woman’s hair, along with smudging her makeup.


Sims’ attorney, Donn Baker, argued his client “was simply trying to make the woman’s makeup and hair to her known liking,” Fox 23 reported.

Baker did not present arguments before sentencing and Sims didn’t make a statement — sometimes it’s best to just say nothing.


As for the breakdown of the 16 years, Tulsa World reported that Sims received “seven years for first-degree burglary, five years for unlawfully removing a body part from a deceased person, two years for unknowingly concealing stolen property, one year for unauthorized dissection and one year for disrupting or interrupting a funeral.”

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