‘USA Today’ announces Hillary can’t decide on a name for her new memoir – big mistake!

Ask and you shall receive.

And sometimes you don’t even need to ask as USA Today found out when it tweeted that Hillary Clinton is still deciding on a title for her upcoming memoir, due out this fall.

Creative conservatives were quick to help out.

From finger-pointing, misogyny, and blame-shifting, Clinton’s greatest hits were rolled out as suggestions for titles and cover art were shared on Twitter.

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The former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential nominee complained that the process of writing the book, which she was not presumably forced to write, was a “painful experience.”

“It’s, as I say, proven to be an extraordinary, very personally meaningful but painful experience,” she said Thursday at an annual publishing industry gathering, BookExpo America. “It really is painful.”

At least she will not have to struggle over the choice of a title, as there were some impressive choices poured out on Twitter.

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