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Fla police revive cold kidnapping case by having victim ‘take over’ Twitter page to tell horrifying account

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The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office employed a creative, albeit haunting method to try to solve the case of a missing Florida girl who vanished without a trace 33 years ago.

The department used its social media platform on Twitter to allow Marjorie Christina Luna, who disappeared when she was 8-years-old while on her way to the store, never to be seen again, to tell her story using her own words.

The Twitter feed features a number of eerie tweets, purportedly from a now grown up Marjorie, as well as a photo of what she might look like today.

Hoping to stir new interest in the long-dormant case, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office just needs a name and encourages anyone with information to contact them at (561) 688-3000 or visit their website.

The department also created a video, along with the caption: “It’s been a long day but to sum it all up, here is what happened to me 33 years ago today.”

The PBSO Twitter feed can be seen below:

Tom Tillison


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