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Judge Jeanine points out the greatest danger to Trump: ‘There is a traitor in the people’s house’

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In her Saturday night Opening Statement, Judge Jeanine Pirro applauded President Trump for his wildly successful nine-day foreign trip, then proceeded to point out the greatest danger to the Trump Administration here at home.

It’s not “Russia,” “the Democrats,” or “any of the haters,” but rather the “traitorous” leaker or leakers residing inside the White House, and Pirro observed that “if he doesn’t fix this problem we are in big trouble.”

“There is a leaker in the White House,” Pirro said. “There is a traitor in the people’s house – a traitor who must be taken out. That person is an enemy of the United States. That person is doing enormous damage not just to the president but instead to the entire nation.”

This leaker has caused the press to publish “innuendo and non-stories and even publishing classified information.”

To the point “where even Watergate reporter Bob Woodward is telling them to chill the hell out.”

As to the leaker’s identity, Pirro said: “I have my own ideas who that person is, but I’m not ready to share them. Yet.”

“Spare no resources. Spare no one. Find that person … ” Pirro concluded.

Watch the clip below:

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