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As a cool thank you to veterans, man rebuilds entire roof as the American flag – check it out …

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In a fitting tribute this Memorial Day weekend, an Albuquerque man is shouting his love for America from the rooftops in a display designed to support those who have served their country.

Rick Gabaldon, whose father served in World War Two, decided to turn his entire roof into an American flag, according to KOB4.

“From me and my family to all the veterans, thank you,” Gabaldon said.

Gabaldon explained that his roof has been in need of repair for some time and that he has been thinking about the patriotic gesture for the “last two years.”

And while initially startled, he says his neighbors are getting on board.

“The neighbors first kind of freaked out a little bit but once they understood where I was coming from, they understood,” Gabaldon said.

“We might not all agree on the politics and the way our country is run sometimes but we do live in a free country, be proud of that,”  he added.

Gabaldon hopes to add the finishing touched by the end of next week, KOB4 reported — that being putting glow-in-the-dark stars in the blank blue field.

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Tom Tillison


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