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Kimberly Guilfoyle and Michelle Malkin team up to give ‘mean girls’ a proper smackdown

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Conservative firebrand Michelle Malkin joined with Fox News’ Kimberly Guilfoyle on Friday — Guilfoyle was filling in for vacationing Sean Hannity — to discuss the media reaction to President Donald Trump’s first visit overseas.

…and the women gave a lesson in just how to handle “mean girls.”

“They prefer the world apology tour that [President] Obama conducted for over eight years,” Malkin said of the liberal media’s criticism of Trump.

She went on to note how the former president was all about “groveling” and “trashing America” while traveling around the world apologizing for our country’s alleged sins.

At one point, Malkin referenced to the “gossip girls in the media who are fretting and moaning about the length of his handshakes,” which prompted Guilfolye to weigh in with her own take on the press.

“Oh, it’s unbelievable. Little crybabies… a little band of mean girls running around, just upset about everything,” the Fox News host said. “Gossiping, texting each to say, ‘Can you believe what the president is doing?'”

“It seems as if they really cannot wrap their heads around the idea that [Trump’s] doing a great job, that he’s been successful,” she continued, noting that the president was better received on this foreign trip than he’s treated in the U.S.”

Malkin chimed in to share the end results of Trump’s actions.

“And look what happens when you assert yourself, you command respect,” she said.

Watch the full exchange below:

[wpvideo UCyxZQnC]


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