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Terror continues: Manchester shopping mall evacuated after ‘big bang’ – people running out

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One day after a cowardly terrorist took the lives of 22 innocents at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England a nearby shopping mall was evacuated.

Reports of a “big bang” were given to police who are dealing with the incident, the Daily Mail reported.

So soon after the concert terror attack, it is not surprising the reports panicked shoppers who were seen fleeing the mall in tears. A large police presence was soon on the scene and the mall underwent an evacuation.

“There are people coming out holding hands,” a Reuters photographer stated, according to the Mail.

Police made one arrest after a suspicious man in “army fatigues” was seen nearby the mall, according the Mail.

This story is still developing.

President Trump came out strong against the concert attack, calling the terrorists “evil losers.”




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