MSNBC host slips in Hillary Clinton among past presidents … then heads bow

In a segment minimizing the historical significance of President Donald Trump being the first sitting U.S. president to visit Israel’s Western Wall, a melancholic Ali Velshi was forced to remind MSNBC viewers that Hillary Clinton lost the November election.

Standing before a picture of past presidents who had visited the Jewish holy site, Velshi noted that these visits did not occur while they were in office — inexplicably, Hillary Clinton’s image was included among the presidents.

“We make a big point out of the fact that Donald Trump was the first sitting president to go to the wall, but you can see there Barack Obama was there in July just before he became president,” Velshi said.

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“President George W. Bush went there, again when he was not president. President Clinton same thing, was not president when he went there. Hillary Clinton visited as well and President H.W. Bush visited,” he continued. “But none of them did so when they were president.”

It was this moment Velshi felt compelled to remind viewers, with a bow of the head, that Hillary Clinton was never president.

“Obviously Hillary Clinton wasn’t president,” he said. “So that is why the relevance of all of this.”

The only thing missing was a sad rendition of “The Way We Were” playing in the background…

Tom Tillison


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