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Gramps found not guilty of killing girlfriend with his manhood; judge takes his word for size of evidence

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In a bizarre case of a Florida man — where else, right? — claiming his large… uh, manhood led to his girlfriend accidentally being choked to death ended with a not guilty verdict for second degree murder.

Richard Henry Patterson, 64, who was on trial for the October 2015 death of 60-year-old girlfriend, Francisca Marquinez, was acquitted, NBC South Florida reported.

Patterson’s attorney, Kenneth Padowitz, argued that prosecutors failed to make their case.

“Cause of death undetermined, manner of death undetermined,” he said. “This is the foundation of their case.”

In what would have been a courtroom visual not to be forgotten, Padowitz was willing to bare all in his defense — as in offering his client’s genitalia as evidence. The lawyer insisted this was “essential” to make his case to the jury.

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The judge did not grant his motion to put the Patterson’s schlong into evidence.

“This was a terrible tragedy that happened to this lady that my client was very much in love with,” Padowitz said. “Right now Mr. Patterson is just very happy that justice has been done and that he can go home with his grandchildren and he’s looking forward to doing that right now.”

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