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Frightening reports flood Twitter as ISIS-linked group storms Philippine city

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The world is spinning out of control.

At least that’s how it seemed in the wake of a cowardly terrorist attack that left 29 dead at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England Monday.

Early Tuesday, Twitter was flooded with reports that ISIS was ceasing control of a city in the Philippines.

The Islamic city of Marawi, located in the Philippines, is under attack by ISIS militants reportedly blocking streets and rounding up women and children.


Hospitals, homes and schools were targets of attacks according to numerous reports:

ISIS militants were also able to release inmates from jails according to tweets coming through Twitter:


The Philippine military is said to be engaged and people who are able to flee the city are urged to do so, as they prepare to launch a full on assault against the terrorists. Panic spread across the city, and across social media as reports came in fast.

“The Independent” reported on the battle as one between Philippine soldiers against “ISIS-linked gunmen.”

Meanwhile, “CNN Philippines” headline referred to a clash between “government forces and Maute group.”

Google screengrab of top headlines as Marawi battle unfolds.

The Maute group is reported to be linked to ISIS, and most reports coming in are now referring to the attack as an ISIS takeover.

A woman with a Twitter account from Pagadian, Philippines launched a chilling string of tweets including a text she said was from a friend:

#PrayForMarawi quickly trended on Twitter as did panic and prayers:


Numerous reports of beheadings started to spread, but have not been confirmed:


Meanwhile, as breaking news of Marawi hit the internet so do did news of a hospital explosion in Bangkok, injuring 24.

The worldwide catastrophic events had folks on social media angry, frightened, and out in force calling for prayers:




One Twitter user put out a well-intentioned tweet and asked for prayers for all those effected by the latest atrocities and also called for prayers warriors to light a candle for Georgina Callander, the first identified young life taken in the Manchester, concert attack.


But, another Twitter user who seemingly had enough of the candlelight vigils urged folks to act on their prayers.



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