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Tucker has a blunt message for delusional Maxine Waters: Your impeachment dreams ‘just died’

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Democrats demanding an independent Trump-Russia investigation for months have finally gotten their wish, but Tucker Carlson thinks it may be more than they bargained for.

With the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel in the FBI’s Russia probe, Carlson noted that the timeline of an investigation could extend well past what may have been expected.

President Trump “can’t really be impeached at this stage. How could the president go on trial in Congress before the independent investigation is even complete?” Carlson questioned during Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Wednesday.

“Someone had better tell Maxine Waters that her dream has just died,” he added, referring to the Democratic congresswoman from California who has repeatedly called for the impeachment of Trump.

A Vietnam veteran and Bronze star recipient, Mueller is “an adult” and has “nothing to prove,” Carlson noted, explaining that the 72 year-old former FBI Director has “earned a reputation for rectitude.”

“He doesn’t, in other words, need to make a name for himself,” Carlson explained. “He’s got one already.”

“If there isn’t a crime at the bottom of all this, he’s unlikely to manufacture one in order to save face as so many other prosecutors are tempted to do,” he added.

But getting the special counsel that congressional Democrats and “their farm team” in the media have been “loudly demanding” may backfire, Carlson warned.

“Not everything the mob wants is wise,” he said, noting that the appointment is especially dangerous for the Trump administration as investigations such as this could “expand beyond their original charter” and affect the entire presidency.

On the positive side, Carlson hoped Democrats would “finally stop posturing, if only for a second.”

“They called for an independent investigation and they got one, courtesy of an administration they repeatedly accused of being fascist,” he said. “For the record, by the way, Mussolini would never have appointed a special counsel.”

The segment made an impression on conservative actor James Woods:

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