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Tide rolls in as desperate man tries to rescue expensive SUV from encroaching ocean – with a shovel!

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A proud owner of a Landowner luxury SUV was looking to get a photo of his ride with the ocean as a backdrop when disaster struck.

The man parked the SUV along the Jersey Shore and the vehicle began to sink in the sand as the tide rolled in, NBC New York reported — which leaves one to wonder what he thought was going to happen?

And while it’s not nice to laugh at another’s misfortune, the hilarity of the moment intensified even further when the guy tried to use a shovel to dig his way out of a bad decision — looking every bit like a man trying to empty the ocean with a teaspoon!

More from NBC New York:

State Park Police responded to a call Tuesday about a vehicle stuck at Island Beach State Park, about 15 miles southeast of Toms River, officials said. A tow company arrived around the same time to find the man at the surf line with his vehicle.

Video posted to Facebook shows the man using what appears to be a shovel as he tries to dig free the white Land Rover from the sand. At one point a wave crashes over the vehicle as he continues to dig.


The vehicle was eventually rescued by the tow truck and the man drove away, even though witnesses said the vehicles lights were flashing and its engine was making strange sounds.

Have a look for yourself… keeping in mind those times when you thought you were having a bad day!

Tom Tillison


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