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‘Give me a break’: Trump Jr blasts reporters for spinning simple tweet into a scandalous ‘confession’

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If ever there was a sign of just how unhinged Democrats and their media allies have become toward President Donald Trump, the response to a one-word tweet from son Donald Trump Jr. may be it.

The president’s oldest son tweeted the word “truth” in response to an observation by Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera that Trump didn’t come “close to obstruction” in the alleged memo by former FBI director James Comey, on the assumption that the president said what an anonymous source claimed he said.

“News Flash, @realDonaldTrump hoping @JamesComeyFBI cuts @MikeFlynn some slack because he is a ‘good man’ is not close to ,” Rivera tweeted.

As any half-wit would recognize, Trump Jr. was showing agreement with Rivera on whether that would constitute obstruction, NOT confirming the claim that the memo exists:

But we are no longer in Kansas and the reaction to Trump Jr.’s tweet confirms just that.

It’s not all that surprising that a racially confused former Black Lives Matter activist disguised as a New York Daily News “justice writer” would struggle with the meaning of such a simple tweet…


It is telling when a supposedly “educated” person makes the same reach in their lust to destroy President Trump:

Trump Jr. responded to the lunacy, suggesting the president’s enemies are “trying way [too] hard.”

The quest to take down this president is just that, a lust… a blood sport being played by the media elite out to get Trump.

And they have plenty of company from those eager to redefine the meaning of words to suit a political agenda — either way, it’s getting harder and harder to deny that this hate-filled endeavor is beginning to harm the nation.

Here’s a sampling of other responses from Twitter:


While the left had a field day raking Trump Jr. over the coals, he did see some support:

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