‘This is a war, dammit, so get to war!’ Lou Dobbs RIPS Trump’s flat-footed and failing communications team

“This is a war, dammit!”

Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs blasted President Trump‘s communications team, especially in light of the mainstream media’s obsession with finding fault with him and his administration at every turn.

In his “Dobbs’ Commentary” Tuesday, he accused the Trump communications team of delivering conflicted messaging, leading to problems with reporting.

He accused Trump staffers of “behaving as though they’re in the George W. Bush White House” instead of the barrage-ridden Trump administration.

“Our president is under constant barrage from all quarters: by the vapid, but still venomous Dems on Capitol Hill; the left-wing national media; the toxic GOP elites and much of orthodoxy who hate almost as much as the left; and the deep state denizens that include some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in this nation,” he said.

“This president deserves the full commitment of his White House staff, who should be fighting as hard as the president — for him, his agenda and this country.”

But he said Trump isn’t getting it.

“The all-too-civil, low-energy Trump White House communications team remains flat-footed and failing,” Dobbs said. “They need to change that.”

He accused his staff of lacking the skills necessary to do its job.

They “aren’t obviously fighters; they obviously aren’t street smart; and they haven’t been strategic. And they must change all of that,” he told his viewers.

“They must become all of that and much more, because the determined forces of evil that surround this White House are trying to destroy the Trump presidency; and will settle, it appears, for nothing less. This is a war, dammit, so get to war.”

Dobbs concluded with a quote from ancient Chinese tactician Sun Tzu: “’Know thyself, know thy enemy; a thousand battles, a thousand victories.’ Begin, please!” he implored the White House staff.

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