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Vile party game attacking President Trump lands in court

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Cards Against Humanity, which bills itself as “the party game for horrible people,” is suing another company for producing a knockoff version targeting President Donald Trump.

The alleged ripoff, called “Humanity Hates Trump Cards,” is made by SCS Direct, TMZ reported. The game is labeled “the party game for horrible candidates.”

More on the similarities between the two games from TMZ:

CAH says it released 2 America Votes extension packs in 2016 that criticized the then-presidential candidates, and the SCS games are full-on jacking their style. For example, CAH cards read “72 virgins,” “a bitch slap” and “vomiting mid-blowjob.”

The SCS games have “72 virgins” … “a good old-fashioned bitch slapping” and “blowjob vomit.”


Naturally, SCS Direct’s founder, Howard Greenspan, insists they have done nothing wrong and that the lawsuit amounts to corporate bullying, according to the celebrity and entertainment news site.


“Humanity Hates Trump isn’t a knockoff, but simply a party game that pokes fun at our President,” Greenspan said.

Tom Tillison


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